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Highly skilled professionals
Highly skilled professionals

who have a reputation for technical fiduciary knowledge balanced with compassion and impartial guidance as they build trusted relationships with you and your family.

A personal relationship
A personal relationship

with a dedicated professional who will partner with you to address what’s important to you and your family and deliver exceptional service.

Integrated wealth management solutions
Integrated wealth management solutions

with access to other services including tax preparation, investment management, banking services and more.

The Wealthy Barber has a power of attorney. Do you?

A power of attorney for property protects your assets so your loved ones can focus on your care.
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Solutions & services

Estate solutions

Whether you are an executor1 for a loved one’s estate or planning your own estate, we can help guide you through what can be a complex and emotional experience.

Trust solutions

From providing for your family to minimizing taxes and probate fees, a trust can be used to achieve your financial goals now and for future generations to come.

Incapacity solutions²

Being named in a Power of Attorney to manage the affairs of a loved one who can no longer take care of it themselves, is both time-consuming and a great responsibility. Whether you are named or considering who to name for yourself, see how we can help.

Indigenous Wealth

RBC Indigenous Wealth is a specialized team of experienced trust professionals, dedicated exclusively to working with Indigenous clients.

Registered plans trustee services

As one of the leading providers of Registered Plan trust services, RBC Royal Trust provides the legal framework to establish and support registered specimen plans. Plan sponsors benefit from our service excellence and depth of expertise.

Retirement compensation arrangements

As one of the leading providers of RCA services, RBC Royal Trust provides timely, accurate and efficient administration for single and multi-member RCA’s. Plan sponsors benefit from our service excellence and depth of expertise.

Escrow services

An experienced team of trust professionals oversees the administration and monitoring of escrow accounts to ensure full compliance with escrow conditions.

Accessing your accounts online

Access your accounts safely and conveniently with the new RBC Wealth Management Online.

1) In Quebec, “liquidator”, in Ontario, “estate trustee with a Will.”
2) Terminology varies by province. “Mandate” in Quebec, “Power of Attorney” in the rest of Canada. In Quebec, “mandatary” is the person being appointed; in the rest of Canada, the appointee is considered the “attorney.”

Do you need a Will?

Do you need a Will?

Having a Will prepared is one of the most important steps you will take in your lifetime. It outlines, who will be in charge of your estate, and where your assets will go after you’re gone.

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Easing the burden of being an executor

Easing the burden of being an executor

Being an executor can be an overwhelming and challenging responsibility. Acting in the best interest of her friend’s estate meant using RBC’s Agent for Executor Services and having professional advice every step of the way.

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Resource centre

A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Guides, articles, checklists and client stories on how Royal Trust can help protect and transfer your wealth.


Executor/liquidator kit for settling an estate

Download this FREE guide that will help you through the various steps involved in the estate settlement process.

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Reference guide for acting as an attorney under a Power of Attorney

Download this FREE guide, which provides information about the duties of being an attorney and how you can get help with those duties.

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Financial literacy

Why testamentary trusts are not dead

See why testamentary trusts continue to offer many benefits despite the elimination of the tax advantages.

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Estate planning: How to live, and give, in the longevity boom

The so-called “longevity boom” taking place in developed countries is putting pressure on Canadians looking at how they should save, spend and transfer their wealth over a longer lifespan.

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