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Retirement compensation arrangements

Flexible solutions for funded and letter of credit arrangements

Provide supplementary retirement benefits to your employees.

Did you know?

RCAs are more flexible than Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and are made up of two parts: a compensation plan and a trust agreement.

A retirement compensation arrangement, or RCA, is a non-registered plan designed to provide supplementary retirement benefits to employees. If you’re an employer looking to attract, retain or reward key employees, or a small- to large-sized business owner, you can use RCAs to:

  • Provide employees with additional retirement income, beyond their allowable contributions
  • Offer supplemental pension benefits to employees
  • Help with estate planning

How we can help

Whether you’re an independent business owner or represent a multi-national firm, we can provide:

  • Expert guidance and support to establish and administer single-member or multi-member RCAs
  • A strong focus on relationships and commitment to client education—whether you’re a plan sponsor or member
  • Comprehensive RCA custody and trustee services, as well as ongoing administration
  • Complementary services, such as investment management through our RBC partners, help streamline and simplify your responsibilities
  • Technical and tax support